Future of the project

Sustainability on the level of national and local policies after completion of the action will be secured by regulations of Russia and China, which determine the planning of the educational processes on national level and in the universities, participating in the project.

The strategy of sustainability consists of following steps:

  1. To integrate the experts of the PC universities actively in the development of the aimed project results to enable them to update their necessary skills on their own after project end.
  2. To build up a strong relationship between the EU and PC universities through agreements  to strengthen the persistence of the developed Master Courses not only in the PC Universities but also in the EU universities.
  3. To build up a quality assurance and evaluation to integrate continuous improvement in the Master Program concerning teaching materials, students’ knowledge, teaching process.
  4. Regular study process in PC Universities involves prospective students in each University.
  5. International students from Asia, Africa and Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Republics) will be involved to study INSPIRE program in Russia and China.