Yesterday, January 27, the supporting University opened its doors for students and their parents

Yesterday, the regional reference technical University held an open Day. Future entrants and their parents were met by representatives of faculties, students-activists, who distributed information materials about the University and told interested guests about studying at VSTU.

By the appointed hour the Assembly hall of the University was filled, and the rector of VSTU academician V. I. Lysak addressed the audience with welcoming words. "How many people do you think study and work at VSTU? - Vladimir Ilyich asked a question and after a short pause answered, - about 25 thousand. This means that the technical University is the largest organization in our region. More than 20 thousand of this number are students." The head of the University expressed confidence that after the event, many of the young people will finally decide on the choice and in the next academic year will join the friendly family of polytechnics. To begin with, Vladimir Ilyich told about the University: its glorious history and achievements of recent years, including high places in prestigious rankings, victories in various programs and competitions, state awards of scientists of the University and much more. V. I. Lysak also stressed that last year the technical University successfully passed accreditation and trains specialists for all areas of industry in our region. But the main thing-there is a need for young professionals in enterprises. And graduates can easily find a job (including largely due to established relations with employers), for which they receive a very decent salary. V. I. Lysak also told about the number of graduates in the region, the results of the exam in Russia and the region, gave data on the dynamics of admission to the VSTU for the first year of full-time education. Today at a technical University is training 30 bachelor, 6 specialist degrees, 20 master's programmes. And who teaches students? The University employs 217 doctors, professors, 635 candidates of Sciences, associate professors. Ostepenennost faculty is 81% and this rate is very high. Thanks to such mentors, each graduate student has an average of 4 publications, and some – and patents for intellectual property. At the end of his speech, Vladimir Ilyich presented the developments of the University scientists in various fields: mechanical engineering, engine building, civil and defense transport systems, metallurgy, architecture and construction, chemical technology, materials science, etc.

Then the floor was given to the first Vice – rector-Director of IAIS Volgstu I. V. Stefanenko. Igor Vladimirovich briefly told about the Institute (more detailed information everyone will be able to get at the open Day, which will be held in the IAIS in the near future). Today, students at the Institute are trained in 4 faculties: three full-time (architecture and urban development; construction and housing and communal services; transport, engineering systems and technosphere safety) and one part-time (distance learning). As I. V. emphasized. Stefanenko, in addition to the educational process, much attention is paid to the Institute immersion in the profession: so the students-architects took an active part in the preparation of various projects for the world Cup in football, the guys are different types of practices in concessions of water and heat supply, on the basis of the Institute operates a training fire station, and student construction teams worked on all important construction sites in the country.

But, perhaps, one of the best recommendations for parents and schoolchildren was the speech of Igor Borisovich Fedotov, representative of the industry - adviser-expert of the branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC VolgogradNIPImorneft. He noted that from 400 employees of the enterprise more than 100 are graduates of basic technical University. And all of them are distinguished by high professionalism and a decent level of training. He promised to communicate in more detail with those who were interested in the directions of training of the chemical-technological faculty of VSTU.

At the end of the General meeting, the responsible Secretary of the selection Committee Dmitry Gurulev addressed the applicants. First of all, he advised high school students to choose several subjects for the exam – this will significantly increase the chances to enter the budget in the supporting University. And he reminded that there is very little time for this, because the choice should be decided before February 1. Apply to the University can be from June 20 to July 26, it is necessary to come to the selection Committee with a certificate and passport. He also spoke about the additional points for individual achievements (for example, for a certificate with honors, an applicant can get 10 points), the stages of enrollment and much more. 

It was also noted that the reference University implements Erasmus + programs №573879-EPP-1-2016-1-FREPPKA2-CBHE-JP "InternationaliSation Of master Programs in Russia and China in Electrical engineering and Erasmus+ №585596-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP" Foster Internationalization in AgRicultural Engineering in Iran and Russia "("Promotion and internationalization in the field of agricultural engineering in Iran and Russia"), among other things, the children were told about this project in more detail, both about the achieved results and prospects.

Then D. N. Gurulev introduced the deans and their deputies and invited the audience to continue the meeting on the faculties, where you can ask and discuss all the questions of students and their parents.


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