Quality Control report (Visit to Changchun)

Staff from Otto-Von-Guericke-University (OVGU) (Dr.Ing. Naoum Jamous) visited Changchun Institute of Technology (CIT) during the period of (03 – 09 April 2018) in order to evaluate the progress of the project INSPIRE. 

Apart from the control of the progress of the project, the stay allowed many face to face meetings with staff members from the Department of Electrical Engineering and the school of Computer Science and Engineering where different general questions on teaching and curriculum development were discussed. Furthermore meetings were hold with staff from the “International office of Changchun Institute of Technology (CIT).

The progress report is organized according to the deliverables specified in the project proposal.

2.1.2 Report on results of analyse of current MSc course. Exemplars of Guidelines

  • CIT participated in analysing the current related courses and reporting the result.

2.1.3 Setting standards/benchmarks, common learning outcomes and competences to be applied at RU&CH

  • During the visit, CIT presented the achieved result according to the deliverable description

2.2 Development of syllabus of interdisciplinary master program INSPIRE

  • General guidelines for teaching content harmonization (in English, Russian and Chinese) have been complied.
  • CIT has prepared all needed courses for the future master program (incl. course descriptions). 

3.2 Internal Quality control and Monitoring

  • CIT explained their internal quality plan in accordance to the general INSPIRE project quality plan.
    • Dr. Dou Lijun is leading the project overall management, and the quality control. Mr. Chen Zhiyong as manager and Mrs. Yao Ye as administrative staff are completing the CIT INSPIRE management team
    • The Academic team includes:  Zhang Yunbo, Feng Lei, Xing Shuntao, Yuanquan De, Zheng Wen, Wang Bo, Zhang Zhuo, Lin Haibo
  • CIT present their bookkeeping documents (invoices, timesheets, etc.) 

General recommendations:

  • During the visit, we recommended CIT to redesign the curricula to be aligned with the latest ECTS standards. 
  • More inter-disciplines discussions is recommended

In addition, the future steps were discussed and agreed on.

During the visit, Changchun Institute of Technology (CIT) presents a printed report summarizing all project’s activities (attached).


Dr.Ing. Naoum Jamous


Quality Control report (Visit to Changchun) 1
Quality Control report (Visit to Changchun) 2
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