Colleagues from five Russian universities took part in the seminar of the Erasmus + INSPIRE project in Magdeburg (Germany)

This was the first of a series of seminars to achieve better results of the project. At the first meeting (April 24-28, 2017), the participants reviewed the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and the differences between the Russian and European education systems. The second session was devoted to the Learning and Learning System (LOLA), which is used in the educational process of the University of Otto-von-Guericke. The third and fourth sessions were organized in accordance with one of the educational methods for students at OVGU as an effective practical introduction to the global SAP curriculum for university students. At the fifth meeting, the structure of the master's program was discussed, which will be developed during the first year of the project.

The main result of the meeting is the completed curriculum of the master's program based on the best practice of EU partners. Also discussed was the financial issue and reporting for the first project year.


Коллеги из пяти российских университетов приняли участие в семинаре проекта Erasmus + INSPIRE в Магдебурге (Германия)
Семинар в Магдебурге 1
Семинар в Магдебурге 1
Семинар в Магдебурге 3
Семинар в Магдебурге 4
Семинар в Магдебурге 5
Семинар в Магдебурге 6
Семинар в Магдебурге 7
Семинар в Магдебурге 8
Семинар в Магдебурге 9
Семинар в Магдебурге 10