The Erasmus+ “INSPIRE” Project Coordination Meeting at CIT

On June 19, the EU Erasmus + “InternationaliSation of master Programs in Russia and China in Electrical engineering /INSPIRE Project” Coordination Meeting was held in the Meeting Room on the 9th floor of No. 7 Teaching Building. The chair of the meeting was Vice President Dou Lijun. The relevant personnel of the Telecom School, Postgraduate School and International Education School attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Vice President Dou emphasized that the implementation of the INSPIRE Project will introduce the advanced European course system, teaching resources and management models to our university as an important platform for our university to improve the international teaching level and connect with the international academic world. Participating in the EU Erasmus Project will make our university advance to the forefront of the province and even the whole country.

In order to effectively promote further development of the project, Dean Hu Jingbo of the International Education School reported the progress of the project coordination and management and project promotion of our university. Dean Zhang Yunbo of the Telecom School introduced the special construction of the project. Dean Pan Dianqi of the Postraduate School introduced the project recruitment plan and indicated that our university could depend on the project to greatly improve the graduate education and university running level.

The Erasmus Program is a student exchange program founded by the European Community in 1987. Based on it, Erasmus+, the exchange program applied in all the current educational, training and youth sports fields of the European Union was created in January, 2014. The program is aimed at encouraging the colleges and universities of Europe to implement the joint training of students, promote teacher exchange and build strategic partnerships all over the world so as to deepen personnel, knowledge and skill exchange. In 2016, there were 736 projects worldwide presenting their assistance applications to the Erasmus Program of which 147 projects were successfully approved.

Our university, as a member of INSPIRE, will cooperate with 10 universities, including Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University, University de technologie de belfort-montbeliard, University of L’Aquila and the University of Magdeburg, to build an educational network mutually recognizing each others' academic degrees in the filed of telecom engineering of the colleges and universities and making use of the advanced communication technology to improve the teaching level and modernization of the participating colleges and universities of the project by building a virtual enterprise.   

By now, several academics, including Professor Liu Wenzhou of the Telecom School of our university, have gone to France and Italy to attend the relevant meetings of the project. Our university plans to comprehensively implement the project recruitment in 2018. The students in the framework of the project will have the opportunity to participate in student exchanges in France, Germany, Italy, Russia and other partner universities, and to acquire the dual degrees awarded by their own universities and the foreign universities.


The Erasmus+ “INSPIRE” Project Coordination Meeting at CIT
The Erasmus+ “INSPIRE” Project Coordination Meeting at CIT