Lanzhou University of Technology

Lanzhou University of Technology was established as Gansu Provincial Technical School in 1919. The school was expended into Gansu University of Technology after merging with Gansu Jiaotong College in 1958, following approval by the Education Ministry of China. In May 2003, The University was renamed Lanzhou University of Technology. The University comprises twenty-one colleges and departments, sixty-eight Undergraduate and Specialty programs, ninety-one Master's degree programs, twenty-four Doctorate Degree programs, one National Key lab, twelve Provincial Engineering Investigation Centers, and fifteen University Enterprise Engineering Investigation Centers. The University’s administrative and academic staff exceeds 2,400 persons, including 663 professors and associate professors. The University has a total of 43,189 registered students, of which 22,042 are full-time undergraduates and 4,032 students for doctoral and master degree programs.

In the past 5 years, the University has completed more than 500 significant projects of national and local scientific and technological investigations, and more than 300 investigation results have been obtained and applied to production, especially in the areas of mechanical, electronic, materials, hydraulic, fluid power, civil, and management engineering. The University has achieved a prominent position at home and an advanced level for similar technologies abroad. The annual income for scientific and technological investigation is 100 millions and has the largest number of authorized patents and patent applications compared with its counterparts in Gansu Province and ranks top 60 in patents among all the Chinese universities.