Université de Technologie Belfort-Montbéliard

The University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard is a member of a group of universities of technology in France. UTBM was formed from the merger of two universities: the Engineering University of Belfort (l’Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Belfort founded in 1962) and the Polytechnic Institute of Sevenans (l’Institut Polytechnique de Sévenans - founded in 1985). With its extensive experience in running several major international projects in research and education UTBM is actively participating to major  EU cooperation programmes such as Erasmus Mundus, Lifelong  Learning, Erasmus and other national programmes. UTBM collaborates with almost all the EU countries as well as the U.S., Japan, China, Asian countries and Latin American countries. UTBM is participating in several FP7 research projects (FP6 as well). UTBM is a member of CGE (Conference des Grandes Ecoles), an association of the leading engineering schools in France, of European engineering universities and international institution from outside Europe, and industry partners, for influencing and supporting decision makers on issues relevant to engineering education and industry requirements and evolution.

UTBM is also an active partner in several networks like UT-INSA, a network committed to enhancing top quality in science and engineering education and research through national and international cooperation, and VdF cluster, a wide competitiveness cluster that supports the innovation and development around solutions for future vehicles, energy and mobility. UTBM has developed a sound infrastructure for project management in particular through the recent participation of 2 Mundus Action2.