University of Belfort is chosen as Coordinator of the project, because it has a very good experience in the managing of the international projects and, in particular, on the ground of successful experience of the Master Degree in Electrical engineering as well as Organisation and Management of Business Systems, which respect the EU requirements and serve as good musters for creation of an interdisciplinary master program “Instrument engineering and intelligent quality control”.

One part of the consortium is big universities with advanced departments of electrical engineering and measurements which have similar training programs at the Bachelor, Diploma or Master level: Department of Information and Measurements systems and technologies at SRSPU, Department of Electronic at VSU, Department of Electrical engineering at VSTU, Department of Microprocessor means of automation at PNRPU,  the Institute of Automation and Electronic Instrument Engineering in Kazan, Institute of Computer Sciences and Engineering at CIT, College of Electrical and Information Engineering, LUT.

The other part of the consortium, represented by European Universities, which are recognized for the quality of their  teaching activities and scientific research in engineering, as well as for their global connections with top Business Schools and enterprises around the world. UTMB prepare engineers on the speciality IMSI: Engineering and management of industrial systems, which is multidisciplinary: mechanical design, automation, manufacturing processes, industrial organization, quality, project management  combined with virtual side, the CAD coupling + digital factory which can design a product in 3D, to represent the stages of manufacture, model machines and simulate the flow. UTBM uses educational platforms as a place of experimentation of production technologies: high-speed machining, water jet cutting, laser 3D metrology, plastic injection, additive manufacturing, industrial robotics. The special task is assigned to UTMB in creating a virtual enterprise as a practical module for the new master program curriculum.

The Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics (DIIIE) University of L'Aquila is  home to the PhD program in Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics, so that they will provide with solid knowledge in management part of new curriculum in RU&CH PP. OVGU represented by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers a wide range of Bachelor and Master programs in electrical engineering, such as Information Systems –Smart Systems, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology( in english), Industrial Engineering, what will give a possibility to harmonize and update modules of similar programs in RU and CH Universities.

The third element that makes this consortium so effective is the participation of two Chinese universities which are located in the industrial centers of their provinces. Chinese universities are gradually striving to increase their active participation in the global projects, to strengthen their partnership with Russian and European universities, to learn from their experience and share theirs.

Non-academic associated partners, as potential employers, and providers of students’ practical training or internships and in assigning real-world problems for Master students' thesis research, is an essential contributor for the creation of Master program to meet the requirements for labor market in the future.

The collaboration within consortium and wise management of the project will lead us to a unique interdisciplinary program “Instrument engineering and intelligent quality control” which will meet society and industry needs and create a new network within universities.

European added value of project:

  • European experience on implementation of Bologna principles for curricula development in subject specific areas of the project;
  • European expertise in implementation of degree programs based on learning outcomes, European qualifications framework, and quality assurance methodology;
  • European model in research on labour market needs;
  • European approaches of using an innovating ICT educational environment, teaching tools, methods and didactic materials dedicated specific for on-line, web based teaching/learning;
  • Providing trainings in EU universities and laboratories.

Each partner will bring to the project its own experience based on traditions of educational systems in respective countries. This combination of different experience delivered unique added value to the project.


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