Welcome to the INSPIRE project

The project proposal is based on the analysis of the needs of Partner Universities and focuses on the modernization and harmonization of HE systems in the electrical engineering (adopting system of degrees, setting up a system of credits, eliminating obstacles to free mobility, favouring updating of training contents and communication methodologies) according to Lisboan Strategy and Bologna process in Russian and Chinese Universities. It will be started on the ground of the successful and long experience of UTBM, OVGU and UNIVAQ in electrical engineering training with respect the EU requirements, and from the existing curricula in or similar degree active in the other Universities of the consortium.

Wide project objectives:

  • To promote modernization of higher education in Russia and China;
  • To ensure the internationalization of higher education in  Russia and China;
  • To create the uniform educational space in electrical engineering, considering regional differences and integrating the European experience in curriculum developing;
  • To build up capacity for cooperation among HEI and non-academic partners in EU, Russia and China
  • To update and develop innovative institutional capacities in RU-CH Universities.

Specific objectives:

  1. To develop new curriculum of the master program in Electrical engineering
  2. To establish virtual enterprise with updated facility for gaining practical skills;
  3. To develop recommendation on DDP between EU-RU, EU-CH,CH-RU,CH-EU Project Partners.

The first specific objective of the project is to design and develop the interdisciplinary master program in electrical engineering. In development of the INSPIRE master program the consortium will have full respect of the diversity of cultures, languages, national education systems, University autonomy and strategy, experiences of all involved countries. During the three-year long life cycle of the project the members of the consortium will create a strong partnership in order to build an educational network between EU, Russian and Chinese Universities aimed at the international recognition of the degree. 

Program descriptors (learning outcomes, forms of assessment, thesis criteria, admission criteria) will be developed based on LOLA methodology and on the EU partner best practice. 

The second specific objective of the project is to set up a virtual instrument-training enterprise to enhance obtaining practical skills and modernization of traditional teaching contests by applying new communication technologies.

The third specific objective is to develop internationalization strategy of international cooperation for promotion mutual interest and mobility of students between Partner Universities by means of Double degree program. Double degree programs are seen as an important instrument of implementing internationalization strategies of HEIs’. Universities can expect synergetic effects by combining great initiatives in other universities due to developing DDP.